• Dr. Kutz is AMAZING!!! Had a surgery with him several years ago and have not had any problems! I highly recommend Dr. Kutz to anyone who is needing back surgery.

    Meredith McKemie
  • Best Doctor In The World!
    YellowDog Delta
  • Dr. Kutz performed a microdiscectomy/laminotomy on me to help with severe back and sciatic nerve pain in my left buttock and leg as well as numbness in my hamstring, shin, and foot. I am 2 days post surgery and the nerve pain is completely gone and most of the numbness is no longer there! Ive been in so much pain in the last few months and i am very grateful for Dr Kutz. Every consultation we had with him was never rushed. His staff were all extremely professional and very proactive and efficient in getting me in for appointments and scheduling the procedure with Texas Back Institute. Dr. Kutz answered all of mine and my wife’s questions and showed confidence and compassion throughout the entire process. He checked on my family multiple times after my surgery while is was in recovery. It is very obvious that loves what he does and is driven to help others. I highly recommend Dr. Kutz if you are having symptoms similar to mine.

    Michael Helton
  • Dr Kutz is one of those doctors that immediately makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, even though the reason that you went to see him is painful. He takes his time to get to know you and to examine you. Even though it was my first time meeting him I’m were talking about a serious operations​, I already trust him completely.

    Steven Lloyd