What if it were possible for your surgeon to have “X-ray vision” during your operation? Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Until now, the surgeon has been required to shift his or her attention away from the surgery site to visually consult a monitor during the operation. This new technology allows for less exposure to radiation caused by the traditional form of surgical internal films used during a traditional operation. It also allows the surgeon to focus solely on the exact surgical area during the entire operation

Well, that future of surgery is here today at MINT Medical Group. Dr. Scott Kutz is now offering the latest breakthrough in 3-D spine modeling in real-time! The xvision system has demonstrated a 98.9% overall implant placement accuracy, because this revolutionary new technology eliminates the surgeon’s attention shift of referring to a separate screen and this new technology adds to the potential of decreasing the radiation exposure demonstrated through traditional fluoroscopy-based procedures.

This is accomplished by equipping the surgeon with a helmet and viewing scope, allowing the doctor to keep his or her focus on the patient’s problem area without needing to move his or her eyes to a separate viewing screen. This “X-ray vision” technology allows the doctor to stay focused on the medical procedure until complete.


To learn more, call the office of Dr. Scott Kutz, MD to learn more about the increased accuracy of xvision for your planned procedure.


The future of Robotic Surgery is here today.

Dr. Scott Kutz was an early adopter of robotics as well as Minimally Invasive Surgery, (MIS). So, it stands to reason that he would be one of the 1st to offer the world’s most revolutionary robotic navigation system. It is called “ExcelsiusGPS®” and it is the 1st system to combine a rigid robotic arm and a full navigation system into one adaptable platform. This provides the most accurate alignment in spine surgery. There is nothing else in robotic surgery that is even close to the breakthroughs that this technology offers.

Dr. Scott Kutz remains on the leading edge of breakthrough medical research and development to offer his patients the best possible care and surgery results. Call his office today to learn more.